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Why the Gender Gap in Comedy Isn't That Funny
Huffington Post
could make poop humor funny and go there (wink wink) with dirty sex jokes. While Sex and the City made $153 million at the domestic box office -- an obvious success -- Bridesmaids was a horse of a different color. It proved that a female-starring ...

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Humor for Hire is back again with the September installment of the hilarious clean comedy series, Saturday September 6, 2014 at 7pm. Hosted by comedian DeAndre Whitner, featuring local and national acts bringing the funny with no explicit language or ...


Fall lineup of indies promises drama, comedy and some surprises
It stars Oliver Platt as a comedian trying desperately to be as funny as his famous dad (Jerry Lewis). None of ... Now that “Rosewater” is finished, Stewart worries that fans who appreciate his unorthodox sense of humor won't embrace the film. “It may ...

Cosby's humor fits like well-worn sweater
HYANNIS — Bill Cosby's current stand-up act provides precisely what you might expect from the aging elder statesman of clean American comedy. ... He poked fun at his sagging abdominal region: "I used to have a 30 inch waist and a six-pack. Now at age ...


Israel's 'The Farewell Party' finds humor in death
The directors know not everyone will find that funny. Granit said some ... The protagonists in “The Farewell Party” are played by well-known Israeli actors, including veteran comedian Ze'ev Revah as Yehezkel, the amateur inventor of the mercy-killing ...

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Dean and Comedian? Gloria Donnelly Infuses Humor Into Her Job
“It's tricky when you're an administrator at a university and you see the humor in things, because lots of people at universities take themselves very seriously. But I think universities are very funny places because we often don't step back and think ...

Diversionary's bubbly comedy delves into conflicts over same-sex marriage
U-T San Diego
Diversionary's bubbly comedy delves into conflicts over same-sex marriage ... If every debate over a constitutional amendment were as much fizzy fun as the one in “Regrets Only,” Congress might've gotten around to passing more than a measly 33 of them ...

Annaleigh Ashford of 'Masters of Sex' returns to Broadway
The Star-Ledger
Betty's story is one of the most dynamic and dramatic on the show, beginning with her at the bottom rung of the social ladder and continuing as she charms and fights her way upward, with a wry sense of humor. "I'm so grateful that she's not only strong ...


TV review: 'The League' in a comedy league of its own
... humor is tasteless and irresistible, an unlikely mix of juvenile jokes about sex and bodily functions, with time-honored elements of screwball comedy. Wednesday's premiere quickly becomes as untethered as a classic Peter Sellers movie, and just as ...

Gleeson stuns in darkly humorous, thought-provoking 'Calvary'
University of Pittsburgh The Pitt News
It's surprising when tragedy and comedy overlap in life, and when movies sucessfuly combine the two, it's especially alluring. “Calvary” ... For all the morose story elements and challenging artsiness, “Calvary's” warmly funny undertones endure ...

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