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How Mike Birbiglia and Keegan-Michael Key found common comedy ground: “He helped me 'make less' of it”
Mike, what can you say about incorporating all of the different types of comedy into the film? Birbiglia: Knowing the context [of humor] makes it real and funny. When Bill (Chris Gethard) misses a performance because he is dealing with a family crisis ...
'Don't Think Twice' Scripts Improv With EaseNPR
'Don't Think Twice' is a gutting look at struggling comediansMetro.us

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New York Daily News

Comic Louis C.K. goes darkly funny in Queens performance
New York Daily News
His hometown performance was more of the darkly off-kilter and masterful comedy we've come to expect from the Emmy-award winning comic, which often borrows from his experience of being a hapless single father to two daughters, living in New York. Louis ...


Review: Seinfeld cranks up comedy with coffee
Duluth News Tribune
Seinfeld didn't pioneer outrageous observational humor, but after joining with Larry David the two New York-based comedians perfected the style with their hit 1990s sit-com about single life in the big city. Seinfeld, now married and with three ...
How a Show About Nothing Changed EverythingPopMatters

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The Verge

Star Trek Beyond review: two minutes of humor, two hours of angst
The Verge
For just a few delirious minutes at the opening of Star Trek Beyond, the third film in the latest Trek reboot cycle, director Justin Lin (Fast And The Furious 3 through 6) and writers Simon Pegg and Doug Jung appear to be making a comedy. It's hard to ...
Friday Feature: 'Star Trek Beyond'WFAA.com
Star Trek and Ab Fab return with new episodes and Captain Fantastic tries parentingThe Vancouver Observer (blog)

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​How I Learned to Stop Being a Lady and Embrace Being Funny
... only to realize as an adult that, lo and behold, my own mother has always been the funniest person in the room. A comedy sniper disguised by a parasol, a sweet singsongy timbre, and a giant pink golf visor, her sense of timing and physicality ...

Pacific Daily News

'Ghostbusters' reboot is scarier than expected
Pacific Daily News
There are many hilarious moments, but the comedy could've been better. Sometimes, the humor seems forced or too silly. Each member of the talented cast is funny in their own quirky way. The actress who stands out is Kate McKinnon, best known for her ...
Why was Ghostbusters so unfunny?Flickering Myth (blog)
From zero to heroPhilippine Star
“Ghostbusters”: 30 years later, can this sequel stand on its own?People's World

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Huffington Post

Who Says the Far Right Has No Sense of Humor? They Just Crowned a Clown
Huffington Post
New York writer, Frank Rich's “Can Conservatives Be Funny?” cites a few, like Dennis Miller and Greg Gutfeld. Rich notes, “a lot of conservative comedy both expresses and panders to today's Republican base, older white men who see America changing and ...


Counterpoint: Powerless Has Laughs and Some Serious Comic Knowledge, Too
Plus, Katharine didn't much seem to care for the pilot. But after watching the first episode of the upcoming NBC series myself, I was totally charmed by its clever continuity references and superhero-centric humor. ... Powerless is NBC and DC's attempt ...

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How 'BoJack Horseman' Became TV's Funniest, Saddest Show
But as unlikely as it seems, Raphael Bob-Waksberg's brutally sad comedy, which starts streaming its third season today, is more in tune with psychological complex "Prestige TV" like Mad Men and The Sopranos — meditations on addiction and existential ...
EXCLUSIVE: 'BoJack Horseman' Creator on What Happens When Celebs Turn Down CameosWUSA9.com
Magazine|The World According to 'BoJack Horseman'New York Times

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Movie review: 'Ab Fab' makes a wickedly funny return
This outlandish, flamboyant British trifle is like a glass of champagne directly to the face of these dog days of a very trying summer. We could all use a dose of escapism, and “Ab Fab” is a big, bright and viciously bold celebration of funny, flawed ...
'Absolutely Fabulous The Movie' A Bizarre ComedyThe Good Men Project
'Fabulous' fashionistas shine on the big screenHeraldNet
Review: 'Absolutely Fabulous' campy, screamingly funnyStatesman Journal

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